What's in a name...

January 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What's in a name...


It’s been a great week so far. I went to the ppaimaging conference this past weekend in Nashville Tennessee. I learned so much and I cannot wait to create new beautiful works of art with all of my new found knowledge.

One thing I learned was that I needed to create a tag line for my business. I thought to myself, I do not have one of those. I have a statement and know what I stand for and what my business stands for. I just don’t have anything amazing like Nike’s Just Do It slogan. So I sit here outside on this chilly January day. I sit and ponder what that could be for my business. Then I see a beautiful little bird just minding his own business grabbing a bite to eat in my garage where it is a little warmer than the cold. I sat and observed it from a far and only had my iPhone. So of course the photographer in me decided to snap a few photos of the interesting interaction with this little bird.

In that moment, I realized that is what I do. I capture what I observe from my clients so that they too can see and observe their memories for years to come. So of course the first thing I think of is the slogan YOLO-you only live once. I guess that is my inner college girl millennial self coming out in that statement. But that is truly my belief, that you really do only live once so why not indulge in some of those experiences that you may never be able to experience again. So out of that comes my new slogan. Live THIS life. That’s it that is my new slogan. Live this life. Live this life that no else has because it is yours and only yours. Live this life that you were meant to live. Live this life. While you are living this life make sure you capture every monumental beautiful moment by a photographer.

We as photographers is what we do, capture your life while you are living it. I know all too well how quickly children grow and I enjoy actually being in the pictures with my children. I want to remember what we as a family did in that memory and will have that for many years to come. So with that be said Live that life and allow me to capture your memories that will last a lifetime.

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