Head shots from imaging usa

I had a blast at Imaging USA in Nashville Tennessee.  I learned so much and even had the privilege to photograph the current reigning MISS TENNESSEE, Alexandra Harper.  She is as sweet and beautiful as she looks on the internet.  Good luck to her in the Miss USA pageant this summer.  I even got to take a selfie with her.  Here are some pictures from my conference.  

This next image I actually captured while she was fixing her hair. in between photographers  I would love to look that look just fixing my hair.  

Here is our selfie together.  She was so sweet and really tall.  I am 5’6″ and I look really short in this picture compared to her.  She’s got some good genes.

Here are just some action shots I took while everyone was getting to capture some images.  

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to PPAImaging this year.  There is a wealth of knowledge in the conference and worth every penny.  I cannot wait to implement all of the awesome things I have learned at this conference.  I think my clients will be pleased with my new found knowledge.  Conferences like this allow me to grow my craft and become a better photographer and business owner.  

If you are needing an updated head shot, feel free to contact me!


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