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Best restaurants in Destin

June 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Best Restaurants in Destin-Destin, Florida


What are the best restaurants in Destin, Florida? 

I think this is my number one question I have from clients when I meet with clients to take their beach portraits.  So I have decided to create a blog post about it for references.  

My NUMBER ONE FAVORITE Restaurant is the Beach Walk Cafe located at the Henderson Park Inn.  

1. Beach Walk Cafe

This is my number one favorite restaurant in Destin.  Not just for the food, but the experience. It is a romantic adult restaurant so I will get to some family friendly places in a moment.  Here are my reasons why I love this restaurant:

~The view is amazing.  The restaurant backs up to the Henderson Beach state park so that backs up to an unresided part of the beach which makes the view very pleasant.  

~The food is superb.  My favorite meal is the Filet Mignon or the lobster tail.  It allows my taste buds to explode with excitement as every bite is just amazing and full of flavor. 

~The wine is amazing.  I am sure the drinks are as well.

~Service is amazing.  You will be treated with the utmost care and waited on with out hesitation or having to wait to get your servers attention.  

~Ammenities are fantastic.  This is my favorite part.  After your meal you can sit on the deck with swings and listen to the ocean waves.  You could also sit on the beach swing or enjoy the fire pit under the stars.  

It is a little pricey but worth every penny.

2. Pompano Joes

This is my number one favorite family friendly restaurant.  Be prepared to wait 30 minutes to an hour.  Here is why:

~The drinks are delicious

~The view is beautiful

~Live Music

~The food is good and variable (meaning it has seafood and burgers and fries).  It does have a Cajun Lousianna based seafood however.  So if you do not like spicey food this may not be the place for you.  

3. Captain Dave's

I like this restaurant because it offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a view of the beach.  The food is really good but a little pricey.

4. Whale's Tails

I like whales tail because it is a nice casual place to eat on the beach.  It has picnic tables on the deck.  The side salads are great and the crab legs are usually pretty good.  The mermaid mixed drink is delicious also if you just need something to relax with.  

As a local resident those are my top pics.  I also want to mention places to avoid that are what I call tourist traps.  Here is my blacklist:

1. Fudpuckers

This is the biggest tourist trap in Destin.  There is always a minimum two hour wait and not enough places for people to wait.  They do have alligators to preoccupy your time but not two hours worth of fun.  It is hard to get into and out of and not enough places to park.  I have not actually eaten here so I do not know if the food is worth the wait but I would assume not.  I have been there and waited but later decided not to wait and left.  

2. AJs at harbor walk village

This is also a tourist trap.  I have never waited less than two hours to eat here.  The food is not that great to me to wait that long.  The fun thing here is that you can go fishing all day and then they will cook the fish you caught for dinner.  The pros however is that you can enjoy walking harbor walk village while you wait.  So it makes waiting not so bad.  The traffic to get to Ajs and parking however are nightmares. 

3. McGuires Irish Pub

I will say the food and Beer here is amazing and almost worth the wait and hassle.  The parking is terrible here and usually takes a good 30-45 minutes to find parking.  Most of the time you have to park at the public parking lot and walk up anyways.  Then the wait is always really long as well.  Usually about an hour during dinner time.  This restaurant makes me queezy though.  There are way too many people in a small space for my comfort level and it is really loud and dark.  The restrooms are usually pretty gross and usually a 3 person line for the womens bathroom.  So the experience is not worth it to me but the Irish cuisine almost is.  I usally get the steak and my husband usually gets the shepherds pie on the rare occasion we brave the traffic to get there.

Those are restaurants I would avoid if at all possible.  If you are not in the mood for sea food, steak, or local restaurants, there are chain restaurants that I like as well.  My favorites are longhorn,Cracker Barrel, or Panera.  We can usually get in and out fairly quickly.

So those are off the top of my head opinions that I can think of right now.  Hope that helps in making your decision of where to eat. 

I can't wait to capture your family beach memories!  If you haven't booked yet, feel free to contact me for more information about my photography services.  


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