Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe in Destin: A Review

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Destin

Recently, my family and I had the privilege of attending Another Broken Egg Cafe’s “Friends and Family” charity event this past weekend. Day 1 of the event was held to raise money for the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center. This organization allows children to assist with land conservation, restoration, and protection. Day 2 of the event benefited the Taylor Haugen Foundation. Taylor was a Niceville High School student who was fatally injured in a high school football game. The Foundation supports young athletes with equipment and scholarships and commemorates Taylor’s memory. 100% of all proceeds benefited these organizations – a really awesome and noble endeavor!

This event preceded the grand opening, which was November 18th at the Destin Commons, and allowed everyone to get a sneak peek of the restaurant. Everyone attending got a free entree!

This was my first time eating at Another Broken Egg Cafe and I must say, I was impressed.


Another Broken Egg Cafe - Destin
Spacious outdoor seating

The architecture and interior design were modern, sleek, and visually appealing. The light fixtures were really cool and the bar was elegantly designed. The spacious outdoor seating will be greatly utilized during the warmer months of the year.

The Service

The restaurant was packed for this event but I was pleasantly surprised by how prepared the staff was. We only waited for a few minutes as multiple people prepared our table with haste.

Even with so much congestion, our waitress was polite and swift to attend to us. She made some menu recommendations for myself and my husband. I ordered the Lobster and Brie omelet, my husband got the Hey Lucy! omelet and my kids got the pancakes.

The Food

I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try a Strawberry St. Germain cocktail. It was great.

Careful, though. I was surprised how potent it was!

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Destin - Strawberry Mimosa

Halfway through our wait for our food, they brought us some beignet biscuits! I had no idea these came with our entrees but they were so good! The honey marmalade sauce that accompanied them was exquisite. If my kids eat them, that tells me all I need to know.

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Destin - Beignet Biscuits
My daughter really liked the beignets!

Finally, the food arrived! It tasted as good as it looked. The Lobster Brie omelet was the best omelet I have ever had. My husband found the Hey! Lucy omelet to be really, really good, too. I must give a shoutout to the gouda grits. My husband said they were some of the best grits he has ever tasted. The kids also finished their food with no complaints.

Lobster Brie Omelet
The Lobster Brie – amazing!

Hey! Lucy omelet
Hey Lucy! omelet – featuring gouda cheese grits

Another Broken Egg Cafe - Destin - Kids pancakes
Kids pancakes – they loved them!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I found the service to be top-notch, the food to be superb, and the atmosphere was simply awesome. If you’re a local or just visiting Destin, I implore you to check out Another Broken Egg Cafe to satisfy your breakfast, lunch, or brunch cravings!

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