best massage and spas in destin FL

Best Massage and Spas in Destin FL

When I want to get away and go on vacation or just have some time to myself, I want to relax. What better way to do that then get a massage and hit the spa! When you’re at the beach, the ocean waves and hot sun are relaxing but sometimes you just need a little something more. That’s where the spas in Destin come in.

There is no shortage of day spas and massage places in Destin so here I will narrow it down and give you some great options to take that relaxation to the next level:

Beverly Hills Day Spa

Beverly Hills Day Spa is right down the road from McGuire’s in the heart of Destin. It is one of those places many consider to be a hidden gem – not easy to find but you leave extremely satisfied! They offer a wide range of services, including pedicures, massage, waxing, manicures, and facials. Their facial services are possibly their most popular service since nearly all of their feedback mentions an outstanding facial!

Individuals, groups, couples, and even kids are welcome. Check out the kid’s spa party package!

If you’re looking at getting a wedding spa package, then you won’t be disappointed as Beverly Hills Spa does that, too.

One of the more unique services, they also do teeth whitening!

Salamander Spa

Located at the Henderson Beach Resort, the Salamander Spa is one of the most visually appealing, gorgeous spas you will come across in Destin, or anywhere within 50 miles!

There are way too many treatments and services to mention, so I will include just a few here:

  • Facials
  • Haircare, makeup, and beauty
  • Nails
  • Massage and body treatments
  • and more!

If you’re looking for a treatment recommendation, try out the Essential Balancing Facial with enzyme peel.

My best advice, you have to get a day spa package. The services at the Salamander Spa are great but the amenities are where this place truly shines. For example, you really need to relax in the Lavender Lounge. The chaise loungers are extremely comfortable and you can sip tea or your favorite drink and enjoy the views beautiful architecture. After your treatments, why not check out the steam room? It’s a great way to unwind even further.

Honorable mention goes to the rooftop terrace. The view is phenomenal!

Check out the lounge!

The steam room

Family and Friends Massage Spa

Family and Friends Massage Spa is a husband and wife duo and they are located in Destin, FL. If you’re looking for the most customized and personable experience, you cannot go wrong here. Champagne, chocolate, and roses? With the Sweetheart Couples package, you get all that plus hot towels and diffused aromas. They even have scented face rests! How is that for personable?

Whether you need a medical massage to deal with injuries and pain or simply need a great Swedish massage, there is a masseuse that is a perfect fit for you. They also use CBD oil for pain so consider that if you’ve never tried it.

One way to really make someone’s experience great is to provide exceptional customer service. That is practically guaranteed here and they really go out of their way to ensure you leave much more relaxed than when you arrived.

Edge of Paradise Day Spa

Are you looking for a spa that does it all? Maybe you want to get everything done in a one-stop-shop? Edge of Paradise Day Spa is what you’re looking for.

Here are some services they provide:

  • Full-service salon (get your haircut!)
  • Brazillian Wax
  • Facials
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Massage
  • Hot Stones
  • Body Treatments

You can take care of all your self-care needs in one day if you wanted to!

The Brazillian wax is one of the best in the area and a specialty here – check it out! The hot stones package and couples massage packages also stand out.

Finally, if you’re looking for someone to come out to a location, Edge of Paradise is able to accommodate. This is a great service if you are unable to make it into the spa.

Float Brothers Float Spa

Last but not least, Float Brothers Float Spa is by far the most unique spa experience you can have anywhere near Destin.

Just like you can imagine, floating is the name of the game. Each individual gets a private float pod (sensory deprivation chamber) in a private room to float in. The water is about the same temperature as your skin so it feels comfortable to float in without being too hot or too cold. However, they can adjust it for you.

Don’t be worried about not floating – their tank is loaded with 900lbs of Epsom salt so you can rest assured you will float!

Check out this video to learn more about the Float Pod:

How cool is this?

Why should you float? Floating has studies that prove its effects:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduce blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and oxygen consumption
  • Strengthen the immune system and alleviate pain

Plus, it’s just downright relaxing. Who doesn’t want a 60 or 90-minute break from the world every now and then?

If you are a veteran or a currently serving member of the military with PTSD, they have a program that lets you float for free on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings. They also have memberships and packages to buy.

Float spa Destin FL - Float Brothers
Float tank at Float Brothers

Love floating but want to do it outdoors? Check out these lazy rivers in Destin for more floating action.

I hope this list puts you on the right track to rest and relaxation. From floating to massages, there is something for everyone.

Are there any spas in Destin that you love that I missed? If so, let me know in the comments!

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