Best Pizza in Destin FL

Pizza in Destin FL: The BEST Local Spots

When you come to Destin, you’re probably thinking about what you are going to eat. Most of us may think about heading to fresh seafood restaurants – but what if that isn’t for you? Maybe you really just want some pizza?

Luckily, Destin is home to some fine pizza restaurants and delivery options.

Looking for some authentic Italian pizza at a sit-down restaurant? Or maybe you just don’t want to have to get in the car?

Here are some restaurants in Destin with some of the best pizza!

1. Pazzo Italiano

Let’s start this off with some authentic Italian pizza (which I am partial to, myself!).

Pazzo only prepares its exceptional pizza with wood-fire ovens. This lends it that smoky, exquisite taste you can expect from authentic artisanal pizza.

They have a wide range of options, like a pizza that is essentially 4 pizzas in one or a particular pizza that doesn’t have any sauce on it!

Don’t forget about the calzones! Pazzo makes everything in-house and you can taste it with every bite.

Not wanting to sit-down? Call it in to-go! Pazzo will make anything you order to-go so you can skip the wait.

Pazzo Italiano Destin
pazzo pizza destin

2. Merlin’s Pizza

Located in the heart of Destin, Merlin’s Pizza is a local pizza place that specializes in pizza delivery. Sure, you can sit down and order but there isn’t much room so keep that in mind if you are visiting the restaurant.

Merlin’s isn’t associated with any national pizza chain and pride themselves by locally sourcing all their ingredients. Since 1999, Merlin’s has been a top choice for pizza in Destin for locals and visitors alike!

Price points are higher than national chains, but you can really taste the difference. The quality is better and it’s prepared fresh every day. They do have specials and coupons so check often to get updated deals.

If you decide to order from Merlin’s, they have a huge list of pizzas to choose from and you really can’t go wrong. There is a pie for everyone. Check out their latest menu. Don’t forget to try the cheese bread!

And yes, you can order online so you don’t have to call if you prefer it that way.

Merlins Pizza

3. Vinnie McGuire’s

Vinnie McGuire’s is definitely one of the best pizza places in Destin. The atmosphere is similar to McGuire’s, with that dark Irish pub feel with red lighting. There are also classic movie posters adorning the walls.

There are indoor and outdoor seating options with plenty of space. The service is friendly and fast – they try to take care of you at Vinnie’s. Occasionally, they play live music next door at Mcguire’s and you can easily enjoy it from the outdoor seating at Vinnie’s.

The pizza is simply phenomenal. Large pies that are reasonably priced and you essentially just create your own pizza! Check out their available toppings.

And what’s more, they serve beer from McGuire’s and even have a full-service bar. If you want to simply order to-go, you have that option.

Vinnie McGuire’s is a pizza place in Destin you really just can’t miss out on.

vinny mcguires pizza

4. Landsharks Pizza

Landsharks Pizza isn’t just a pizza place – it’s also a sports bar. And if you’re a Packers fan then get ready for the largest Packers gathering in the area during the season. Of course, they will let you watch any game if you ask (just don’t ask during a Packers game!).

If you’re looking for a local place with some excellent pizza, then look no further. Landsharks pizza has a proprietary dough blend with a noticeable garlic taste that is extremely tasty. You can even get a gluten-free pizza if that’s your thing. Their hot wings are quite good, also. Try the Diablo wings.

It can get quite busy at times and service will be slower so make sure if you arent there to watch a big game then try to come earlier.

landsharks pizza destin

5. Mama Sherry’s Pizza Wings & Things

The first thing you’ll notice about pizza at Mama Sherry’s is the size. The slices are massive and the crust is thin. In fact, the crust might be the best part, depending on who you ask!

The atmosphere feels quite old-school and homey and has plenty of seating. It’s also close to Harborwalk Village so if you’re staying there you can basically walk over.

The dough is made fresh on-site and all the ingredients are fresh. Mama Sherry’s is locally owned and is not a chain. Does it almost seem like the best pizza comes from restaurants with high-quality ingredients? If you’re really hungry or you’re with a large group, the Big Papa 21″ pizza is a monster and will satisfy everyone.

Though not pizza, the fried pickles are especially delicious. Another nod goes to the cheese curds! I’m also partial to calzones and Mama Sherry’s has some good ones.

Lastly, check out the lunch options. A more moderate price for moderate portions. Pizza slices are still huge so take advantage of it.

mama sherrys pizza in destin

6. Fat Clemenza’s

Another Italian restaurant! And a fantastic one at that. Seating is limited so reservations are recommended.

Fat Clemenza’s pizza is brick oven-baked and is made from some of the finest ingredients anywhere around. Most of them are gotten straight from Italy, with the exception of their sausage that is obtained from Chicago twice a week. Fat Clemenza’s prides themselves on consistency – that pizza you had 2 months ago will taste exactly the same as it did today.

The pizza crust is thin and airy and the cheese and toppings are perfect, thanks to the brick oven cooking process. Margherita pizza is one of my favorite pizzas and Fat Clemenza’s makes the most authentic one around.

They also have excellent Italian fare, like pasta. If you want to get the best appetizer, you must try the garlic rolls. Their dough is made from the highest quality ingredients and the taste reflects it.

If gluten is an issue, they can create a gluten-free pizza that is sure to please.

Fat Clemenzas pizza in Destin | Margherita pizza

Looking for more restaurants in Destin? Check out my list of locals’ picks!

Are there other pizza places that are must-try that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I may even update the post after I try it!

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