5 Amazing Places to Take Pictures in Destin, FL

places to take pictures in Destin

The mossy oaks of Eden State Gardens add character to the historic, sprawling park.

When you visit the Destin, FL area, often you are looking to get your pictures taken.  

But the question is – where?

From the rocky jetties on the Destin Harbor to the serene landscapes of Eden State Garden, Destin and the surrounding area does not disappoint.  

So, let’s get started with our 5 Great Locations for Pictures Near Destin, FL!

1. Henderson Beach State Park


Henderson Beach State Park is always a reliable source for fun in Destin, FL!

Located right off of US 98 in Destin, Henderson Beach State Park has to be one of the best beaches in the area.  If you like the outdoors, you will find that they offer access for RVs or tents.  Don’t like the outdoors so much? Don’t fret!  There is also water, electricity, as well as coin-operated dryers and vending machines.  You get to experience the thrill of camping and isolation without actually being isolated – food and attractions are right down the road!

Because Henderson Beach State Park charges admission, you will find that there are generally fewer people on the beach than on other beach access points in Destin.  Because of this, beach pictures just became easier!  Can’t get that great shot because there are people everywhere?  Not a problem, the lower density of people helps avoid those annoying photobombs.

Besides great beach shots, definitely check out the nature trail for some great opportunities to capture wildlife.  It encompasses 3/4 mile of high dunes and coastal scrub to grant access to some truly unique photo opportunities.

Henderson Beach State Park is a highly popular spot for Destin photographers – for good reason!

2. The Jetties at the Destin Harbor


The Destin jetties allow some of the most unique beach portraits – dunes, vegetation, rocks, and the ocean – all in the same shot!

The Destin jetties were originally constructed to protect the Destin Harbor from tidal sand erosion.  Without the jetties, a hurricane could devastate the harbor with sand surges – possibly preventing access from the bay to the gulf.  The jetties are located off of Highway 98 right in front of the Emerald Grande in Destin.  

The jetty rock formation is long.

If you want to get on the rocks and get some pictures with the ocean, prepare for a hike!  It’s worth it, though.  I promise.

Not only are the views on the jetties great, but it is so peaceful out there!  Destin photography at it’s finest!

3. Miramar Beach

sunset-beach-picture-at-miramar-beachProfessional Portraits

Miramar Beach is a small strip of beach located in South Walton.  The total area is about 4.7 square miles.  Miramar Beach is a highly-dense area – filled with resorts, condos, and apartments all the way down the strip.  Because of this, it might be a little difficult landing that perfect shot on the beach, thanks to so many people.  Don’t let that stop you!  Some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Destin area can be captured on Miramar Beach.

sunset wedding kiss in destin


Sunset wedding kiss in front of the water on Miramar Beach?  It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

4. John Beasley Park

Family beach session at Beasley Park

Family beach photography at Beasley Park – one of my absolute favorite places for pictures!

John Beasley Park is located on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  You know you have arrived when you see two large pavilions, covered and containing twelve picnic tables.  It is a great place to visit, even during the summer.  Parking shouldn’t be a problem, either.  With over 200 spots, even the summer rush to the beach can’t stop you from getting those sweet photos taken.  

Beasley Park is a fantastic place to photograph sunset strolls.  The beaches are flat and wide and allow you to get the beach, the people, the ocean, and the horizon – all in the same shot!  

Beasley Park has beautiful beaches – but don’t forget about the dunes!  The white sand and vegetation really add character.

5.  Eden State Gardens


Daddy and daughter enjoy lemonade and cupcakes at Eden State Gardens.

I know, you’re probably thinking –

“There are places to take pictures in Destin besides the beach?

Yes, and Eden State Gardens is one of the best locations to highlight that.   

Eden State Gardens is located off of Highway 98 towards Panama City in Santa Rosa Beach.  There are over 163 acres of land that comprise the park and a two-story Victorian-era mansion serves as the primary focus.  Camellias and azaleas adorn the lush gardens and provide a unique photography experience compared to the rest of the locations that the Destin area has to offer.  If you need a break from the beach, Eden State Gardens is a gorgeous park with beautiful photography possibilities.


Engagement photo session in front of the historic John Wesley House at Eden State Gardens

So, what’s your favorite spot?  Is there an amazing spot I didn’t cover?  Let me know in the comments!

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