5 Reasons I Love Being a Photographer


Every photographer has a genre they love and are passionate about.  

It could be wedding photography, real estate photography, high school senior photography, or even boudoir photography!

What matters is that they enjoy it.  If you enjoy what you do, chances are your clients will see that, too, and be more likely to choose you for all their future sessions.

I moved to Destin, FL in 2011.  My parents moved down here from Georgia and I wanted to be closer to them.  This got me closer to the beach but it wasn’t until later that I started my photography business.  When I finally did, a few years later, I had to decide what my focus was going to be.

I tried a little real estate photography, but it just didn’t allow for creative shots and beautiful scenery – something I really wanted to capture.  Taking pictures of high school seniors and children was something that I really enjoyed and allowed for some great shots.

Finally, I took on a few of my first beach sessions.  The hike to the beach was tiring, having to walk around with all my gear and set up.  I had to deal with heavy wind for the first time and I had trouble keeping my equipment upright.  The lighting can also be quite harsh, especially during the day.

Despite all of this, it was awesome.

The beach is quite possibly my favorite place on Earth.  And these are my favorite places in Destin to take pictures!

But with all of the challenges?  Why do I love it so much?  

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Love a Beach Photographer:

1. The Serenity

I just have to open up with this.

The beach has always been special to me for this reason – serenity.  Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing than the beach.  You may disagree, but to me it is a special piece of heaven.

The crashing of the waves.

The never-ending horizon.

The idea you are on vacation, constantly.

It puts me in the perfect mood for photography.  What better place to take pictures of families then somewhere that puts you at ease and helps you focus?  I know most of my clients agree.  Most people are in a better mood when they are on the beach!

destin beach

Sea Oats Motel Photography projectThis is a portion of the facebook promotion project for Sea Oats Motel and Management Company in Destin, Florida.

This is my happy place – take some family beach pictures and then relax for a bit on the beach!

2.  The Landscape

I primarily focus on family beach portraits.  I want to give my clients the best images of them that’s possible.  The gorgeous scenery of the beach assists with this, tremendously.

Destin beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Fine, white sand, consisting of tiny little quartz particles.

The sand is simply awesome.  There aren’t many beaches in the world with sand like the sand in Destin and the Gulf Coast.  If you ever see photos online of sugar-white sand, there is a good chance it came from around here!

  • Beautiful emerald-green waters

Another signature trademark of Destin – the water!  Have you ever been to Crab Island on Okaloosa Island?  That is a great example of the emerald green water!  

  • Sprawling dunes

Have you even been over to Santa Rosa Beach/30A?  The sand dunes over there are huge – even larger than Destin and Okaloosa Island!  Some of my favorite beach family portraits are having the family pose in front of the dunes.

My beach photos would not have near the amount of character that they do if it wasn’t for the pristine landscape of Destin and the surrounding area.  Occasionally, I like to just set up and capture some landscape shots because it is just so beautiful here.

Girl on the Jetties in Destin FL

Beach landscapes can add so much character to an image.

3.  The Sunsets

Sunsets are always beautiful.

But here at the beach, they are stunning.  A long horizon line with nothing obscuring it is what makes beach sunsets truly standout.  One of my favorite techniques to use on the beach are silhouettes.

There is just something so magical about a silhouette; The mystery and allure of the subject, the minuteness of detail that gives just enough for the mind to desire more.  These are just some more reasons why I love being a beach photographer.

If you want to learn how I capture a beach silhouette, check out my 7 top tips for beach photography!

Destin Florida engagement Beach PortraitsDestin Florida engagement Beach Portraits

Sunset silhouettes in Destin, FL – does it get any more romantic?

4.  The Sounds

Truly, what could be more relaxing than the sounds of the beach?

In my opinion, not much!

The sounds of the beach are just truly unique.  Nothing else comes close for me.  The seagulls squawking, the waves crashing as they recede back into the ocean, or the sounds of water splashing as people run through it.  

I am so blessed that I get to immerse myself in this everyday as I capture family beach photos.  

Sea Oats Motel and Management CompanyThis is a portion of the facebook promotion project for Sea Oats Motel and Management Company in Destin, Florida.

Ocean waves and wildlife – the perfect combination of sounds

5.  The Smells

Last but not least,  the smells of the beach are so refreshing.  I always smile as I am walking down to the beach with my gear to set up for a shoot.  That salty, humid smell hitting my nostrils and reminding me where I am.  

There isn’t anywhere else that smells better when I am working as a photographer.  Not a studio (though it can smell nice with some beach scented candles!), not a forest, and definitely not the city!

Sea oats and beautiful salt water

Salty sea air, sugar-white sand, and expansive dune vegetation all contribute unique smells to the beaches of Destin, FL.

Putting it All Together

All five of these ingredients helped me make my decision to be a Destin family beach photographer.  Each one makes my experience better, therefore also making my clients’ experience better.  Because at the end of the day, its my goal to provide the best possible experience for my clients.  I hope that they enjoy their beach session as much as I do!


Having fun is the “name of the game” when you book with me!

Are you interested in booking a beach session with me?  Check out my Pricing page and contact me if you are interested!

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