Beautiful Beach Portraits at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin Florida

This family was so sweet and beautiful.  I loved capturing their family memories.  We created some beautiful beach portraits of a unique blended family session with two sets of grandparents.  The water was so deeply turquoise it made for some stunning images.  I loved their attire choices as well.  I feel like the blues really help compliment the water and tie everything together. 

I always use flash to light my clients faces just enough to give a natural look.  I love the more natural looking style of beach photography portraits.

Large family beach posing ideas

This image is nicely posed with each siblings families on the sides and the parents (grandparents) at the top.

Family beach photography session at Henderson State Park

I always like to give individual attention to each family.


In this session, I wanted to make sure each grandparent got a picture with their children’s families.

large family posing destin FL

This is one of my most popular images.  I love it also.  Just something about the wind in your hair with your family is just a really nice moment to capture.

Family watching military aircraft on the beach in Destin

Sometimes we even get a plane in the picture as well.

Baby smiling for a family beach portrait session at Henderson Beach

I love capturing raw moments as well as posed.  This family was trying to get their baby girl to show that beautiful smile.

Here dad was just helping his children wash their feet off.  I felt this was such a sweet moment I wanted to capture it.

Of course I love my posed shots as well.  


Family at the beach | Destin photographer
Family portrait session at Henderson Beach State Park

Portrait of a baby at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin FLPortrait of a baby at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin FL

Isn’t she just the cutest?  So sweet!


I love this pose.  I always like to have my ladies in the group sit what I call princess legs and my fellas in the group to sit with my handsome fella pose.  Sometimes I will have dad kneel or sometimes I will have him sit.  In this image I like him kneeling to give a little added dimension.  I think it worked well.

Brother and sister posing for a beach portrait in Destin FL

These kiddos naturally put themselves into this pose and I love it.  It is so authentic and shows some real sibling love <3. B43A0461


I like to use unique poses for the grand parents in the group.


Overall I think this was a great session and everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the beach.

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  1. Hello there! My family and I will be staying at the coral reef club in July and was thinking of getting some professional portraits done. If you could send info on how it works and pricing, Id appreciate it! Thank you!

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