5 Airports Near Destin, FL (And Closest!)


Traveling to Destin, FL?  Driving isn’t always an option.  Maybe you are traveling from far away or simply just hate driving? 

Why not fly?  Flights to Destin Florida are easier than you think!

There are many airports in Florida to choose from, but here is a list of airports that can get you closest to Destin.

What airports are near Destin, FL?

  • VPS (Destin – Fort Walton Beach Airport)
  • Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (Panama City, FL)
  • Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport (Pensacola, FL)
  • Destin Executive Airport (Destin, FL)
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International AirportMap of Florida airports

Airports in Florida

A list of many airports in Florida.

VPS Airport

VPS (oftentimes referred to as Northwest Florida Regional Airport) is located at 1701 State Road 85 North, Eglin AFB, FL 32542.  This airport is technically located on Eglin AFB but is situated around Valparaiso. You can also find it by searching for Valparaiso airport.

If flying domestically, this is by far the best airport to reach Destin from.  It should take around 16 minutes or 33 miles to reach Destin from VPS airport.  Even though it isn’t located in Destin, it is most definitely the Destin airport.

If you don’t count the Destin Executive Airport, this is the closest airport to Destin FL that flies commercially.

Its airport code is VPS.

What locations fly to the Destin – Fort Walton Beach airport?  Check out this air traffic map and also check out the image below.  Atlanta to Destin is only around 1 h 10 min!  So if you live near Atlanta, flying is a great option!

vps airport flights


VPS offers the following rental car agencies: Alamo, Enterprise, National, Hertz, AVIS, Dollar, Budget, and Destin Jeep Rentals.

A great way to tour Destin is in a Jeep!  I recommend you check out Destin Jeep Rentals at the airport.  They are locally owned and the service is excellent.

There are plenty of options to take if you prefer to get a taxi to your destination, also.  Here is a list of taxi, bus, and limo options.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP)

The Panama City Beach airport, ECP, is located at 6300 W Bay Pkwy, Panama City, FL 32409.  A smaller airport like VPS, ECP is another airport that runs only domestic flights and offers a limited range of airlines to choose from.  Driving distance is 52.2 miles or 1 h 20 min to Destin, so a bit further than VPS and Pensacola but a great option if you are planning on staying in 30A (Seaside, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, etc.). 

The Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport code is ECP.

Here is a route mapper that shows the current flights in and out of ECP.  Below is a list of non-stop destinations to-and-from ECP.

Panama City non stop flight destinations


A list of all ground transportation, to include rental cars, taxis, buses, and limos, is available here.

Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport

The address is 2430 Airport Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32504

A much larger airport than the previous two, the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport has 20 non-stop flights.  If you don’t mind the drive to Destin from here, which is 1 h 25 min or 51.3 miles, this is a great airport to travel from. 

The airport code for Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport is PNS.

Check out this flight map to see current flights to-and-from Pensacola airport. 

Ground transportation options can be found here.  Take note that Destin Jeep Rentals also offers Jeeps from Pensacola.

Panama City Beach flight citiespensacola-airport-flight-map

Destin Executive Airport

Located at 1001 Airport Rd, Destin, FL 32541, Destin Executive Airport (aka Coleman Kelly Field) is the smallest airport in this list but also the most unique.  It is primarily composed of private aircraft and is considered a general aviation facility.  It is quite expensive to fuel up and there is even a fee to land there.

The airport code for Destin Executive Aiport is DTS.

There is one FOB there and you will also have to pay a fee if you decide not to purchase fuel.

If you decide to fly into this airport, it is located right in the middle of the central Destin.  From there, it is only a short drive to Destin Harbor.  If you decide to visit the Harborwalk, check out my guide to Harborwalk Village.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

You’re probably wondering, “Why would you include an airport in Louisiana?  That is really far from Destin!”

And you would be right.  It is around 261 miles or 4 h 14 min.  So why this airport?

It is the closest airport to Destin that runs international flights

Maybe you are coming to visit Destin from out of the country?  Atlanta is one option but Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is going to be your closest option if you are traveling from London, Frankfurt, Cancun, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, or Panama City, Panama.

Louis Armstrong Airport flights


The closest international flights to Destin are located at Louis Armstrong International Airport

Ground transportation information for the New Orleans airport can be found here.

The airport code for Louis Armstrong International Airport is MSY.

So now you are in Destin… now what?  Check out this guide for awesome restaurants in the area. 

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