7 Bars in Destin FL You Have to Try!


If you’re looking for a place to have a drink, then look no further.  Destin is home to many excellent bars – many of them unknown to visitors!  With an assortment of options like:

  • Beach bars
  • Dive bars
  • Restaurant bars
  • Pool-side bars

You are almost guaranteed to find something on this list that suits your needs.  Are you looking for somewhere to chill out and avoid the crowd?  The off-season is your best bet, but there are a few exceptions I will mention.  Are you after excellent craft beer?  I got you covered!  Maybe you just want to have a drink on the beach or somewhere awesome and unique, like the Grotto at the Island.

Keep reading for these 7 Must-Try Bars in Destin FL!

The Red Door

Situated on the Harbor in Destin, The Red Door is a small bar with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.  The patio deck overlooks the harbor so if you are looking for sweet views then you came to the right place.

The Red Door serves sandwiches, hotdogs, and a variety of other hot items if you’re looking for something to eat while you drink.  They are a full-service bar with an extensive draft list.  Check it out below:


Parking is easily accessible and they also have a multitude of TVs available if you want to check out a sporting event.  Don’t forget about the apparel!  Their shirts are awesome.

When is happy hour?

Happy hour is Monday-Friday  3PM-7PM and Saturday & Sunday  11AM – 7PM

Lastly, it’s 18 and up to enter, so keep that in mind!


The Craft Bar – Destin

If you are looking for an excellent beer list, this is where you want to be.  The craft beer options are almost endless so it is highly likely to find something that suits your tastes.  The Craft Bar – Destin is also one of my favorite restaurants in Destin so if you are looking for excellent food, as wells as drinks, you won’t be disappointed.

I love the architecture inside as it gives that weathered look that I expect from a gastropub.  The non-bar seating is adequate, but parties over 8 will need to get reservations to guarantee being seated.  The bar itself is long but it can be difficult to find somewhere to sit at peak hours.

What kind of beers are available?

Check out this packed list!

When is happy hour?

Monday – Friday   2PM-6PM  – a specific set of drinks are only $5.  Specials continuously change so make sure to ask your server or bartender.

Craft Bar Destin Beer

Craft Bar Destin Fl

The Grotto

If you are in search of a unique bar, this is the place.  However, it is technically on Okaloosa Island and it is a part of the Island hotel.  But don’t let that stop you – if you grab a day pass at the hotel, you can enjoy all the amenities without actually staying there.  Not a bad idea if you want to hit the pool and check out the bar.

This bar is only accessible by swimming up to it from the pool.  Just look for the waterfalls coming down from a giant rock!

So, you made the trek to The Island and you swam into The Grotto… what’s there to drink?  Check out their current drink menu – fruity drinks galore!  There are also a couple of locally brewed beers along with the usual draft list.

The Grotto is only open from 11AM-5PM and its seasonal so don’t get there too late!



Pompano Joe’s

This is definitely my favorite place in the Destin area to have a drink.  But, why is that? 

The view.

Oh, I could be served the worst drink in the world and it couldn’t dampen my mood when I see the sunset at the Pompano Joes beach bars.


Yes!  Pompano Joes has 3 bars to choose from.  There is a minibar out front that is great when you are waiting for a table.  There is a much larger sit-down bar inside and, finally, there is a beach bar downstairs next to the volleyball court. 

Nothing beats a pina colada while watching the sunset (at least for me, you do you).  You should also try a “The Big Ed Tropical Sensation” if you want a killer mixed drink.  You can even take the cup home as a souvenir!

Is there a happy hour?

Happy hour is from 3-5 daily.



Best drink in the house (in my opinion!) – Big Ed’s Tropical Sensation

Graffiti and the Funky Blues Shack

Graffiti is quite a unique spot – from the outside design and architecture to the funky, graffiti driven theme inside.  It is a restaurant and a bar so they have a wide variety of food to choose from, as well as a decent drink selection of 28 beers on tap with 12 of them brewed right in Destin.  Check out the full menu, here.

You can book a table online in advance if you prefer not to wait, as well as book parties and events. 

I haven’t covered any locations that have frequent live music yet but that changes now.  What better way to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat than a live performance?  Jazz, blues, rock, and reggae complement the atmosphere, perfectly, so expect those genres to be most prevalent.  Music starts at 7 PM so make sure you are in place before that!



The Other End

If you are looking for a dive-type bar in Destin, this is a superb choice.

The Other End is a small, waterfront restaurant and bar on the water at Destin harbor.  And by restaurant and bar, I mean food truck that dispenses food and drinks.  How neat is that? It is quite tucked away and even I didn’t know about its existence until recently.  It’s also a German-style beer garden and you can tell by the layout and design.

You may be thinking, “It’s on the water… can I access it by boat?”

You sure can.  They have boat slips available to dock.

Live music is a feature and you can check it out on Fridays and Saturdays.

They have a rotating selection of 16 beers on tap, many from local breweries.  For a bar with a heavy focus on beer, their wine list is nothing to scoff at.  I find myself always wanting to try new wines so if you are a wine lover, give their selection a go.

They serve sandwiches, burgers, brats, and a few entrees. 

Is there a happy hour?

Indeed, there is!  5PM – 7PM every day.



McGuire’s Irish Pub

Though definitely more touristy, you cannot deny that McGuire’s is a cool place to have a drink.  What, with the dollar bills on the ceiling and the dark, dimly-lit environment, the atmosphere alone is worth a visit.

They even brew their own beer on-site.  The beer flights are excellent if you aren’t sure what to get.  Heck, just get a couple of those and call it a day!  Their wine list is exceptional, as well.  Wine lovers will not be disappointed by the options available, especially if you go check out their wine cellar that has a capacity of over 8,000 bottles.  Check out their nightly specials and list of beers.

Looking for a tour of their brewery?  Always an option!  Visit here for more information.  Their brewery has been around since 1988 and offers some really great options.  Don’t forget to check out their seasonal beers, too.

Is there a happy hour?

4PM-7PM and 11PM – close, every day!

Dollar bills McGuires

Mcguires Micro Brewery

The brewery at McGuire’s in Destin

I hope that this list gives you everything you need to discover your next favorite place to have a drink.  If you want some more places to visit, check out this guide to Harborwalk Village where you will find more options!

What is your favorite bar in Destin, FL?  Is it listed here?  If not, let me know in the comments!

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