Where is Destin, FL? (With Directions to Destin)


Destin, FL is one of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth – from the pillowy white sand and Emerald Green waters to the jetties and Crab Island.  If you’ve ever wondered where Destin FL is, then look no further.  Here, I’ll explain where Destin is, how to get there by car and air, the closest city to Destin, and some things to do when you get there.

Where is Destin FL located?

Destin, FL is located in Northwest Florida (Florida Panhandle), east of Pensacola but west of Panama City.  You can get to Destin from the west end of I-10 if you’re coming from southern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama. 

Destin, FL is located in Okaloosa County.

Where is Destin Florida on the map?

Destin FL on the map


Destin, FL located on a map.  It is east of Pensacola but west of Panama City Beach.

How do I get to Destin by car?

Driving to Destin is definitely one of the most preferred methods of transportation.  You will need a vehicle when you get there and, if you live in a southern state, it doesn’t take terribly long to get there.

Here is an example list of cities and the approximate mileage and time to drive to Destin, FL:

  • Atlanta, GA –   5 h 20 m – 333 miles
  • Mobile, AL –  2 h 2 m – 108 miles
  • Biloxi, MS –   2 h 56 m – 168 miles
  • Chattanooga, TN – 6 h 21 m – 405 miles
  • New Orleans, LA –   4 h 8 m – 250 miles
  • Chicago, IL –  14 h 3 m – 924 miles
  • Dayton, OH – 12 h – 777 miles

What is the closest major city to Destin, FL?

The closest major city to Destin is Fort Walton Beach.  You can drive from downtown Fort Walton over to Okaloosa Island to get to Destin from there.

Flying to Destin

Depending on where you live, flying will be ideal.  Notice the above 14 hour drive to Destin from Chicago.  Yikes.

Here are some flying options:

-VPS (Destin – Fort Walton Beach Airport)

-Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (Panama City, FL)

-Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport (Pensacola, FL)

-Destin Executive Airport (Destin, FL)

-Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

VPS will be your ideal airport, as it is 16 minutes or 33 miles from the airport to Destin.  You can rent a car at the airport or even a Jeep, so keep that in mind.

If you are interested in flying to Destin, check out this guide to flying to Destin, FL.

vps airport flightsflyvps-route-map

Is Destin FL near Orlando?

It’s quite far, approximately 6 hours and 8 minutes419 miles.  I’ve made the trip from Destin to Disney World and its like driving from Destin to Atlanta.  Definitely doable!

What are some things to do in Destin, FL?

Now that you know where Destin FL is and how to get there, what’s there to do?  Check out this summary:

Daddy Daughter Beach Photo Session

Thinking about taking a trip to Destin?  I hope that this guide steers in you in the right direction.  

Hope to see you!

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    1. christi.pennington

      Hey there!

      Its cold. The water is most definitely too cold to swim in and the wind chill on the beach is brutal at times. However, traffic isn’t as bad, prices are lower, and restaurants are still open so if the beach isn’t your primary reason for visiting it could still be worth it.

      Dinner cruises and other expeditions on the water are great no matter what time of year.

        1. christi.pennington

          The water is quite hot in August. It’s really nice to swim, depending on if there is algae. Be careful, though, the sun is intense and reflects off the sand AND the water so burning is achieved faster. Be safe!

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