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Breakfast in Destin FL: Favorite Places of a Local

On vacation?

Don’t you think about skipping breakfast! Breakfast in Destin FL is simply awesome, with a variety of options to choose from. These breakfast restaurants in Destin will make you glad you didn’t sleep in! Oh, and most of them are open till early afternoon so you can sleep in you if you prefer.

Check out these breakfast restaurants in Destin:

The Pancakery

The Pancakery serves exceptional breakfast in Destin (they have another location in Panama City Beach).

There are tons of options, between omelets, pancakes, waffles, crepes, etc. Speaking of crepes, those are my favorite. I am a hardcore crepes fan and they were fantastic. The Atomic Bomblette is a delicious omelet with a kick and my husband really liked that one.

The seating was spacious and accommodating. We went around noon on a Saturday and, even though it was fairly packed, we had no issues getting seated. The service was also superb and our waitress was polite and recommended a few options. Our kids loved the M&Ms pancakes (though the sugar rush afterward was a drawback, haha!).

Pancakery crepes

Pancakery Pancakes

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Though Another Broken Egg Cafe is a chain restaurant, it deserves a spot here because it really is just that good. We attended their grand opening and were amazed at well they seated everyone (it was absolutely packed). We didn’t have to wait and the service was excellent – that alone merits a 5-star rating.

On to the food – it was fantastic.

Mama needed some alcohol that day so a Strawberry St Germain cocktail was in order. It was tasty but packed a punch.

strawberry st germain cocktail

The beignet biscuits were delicious and were brought to us, complimentary. They come with a honey marmalade sauce that is divine. The kids really liked these.

another broken egg beignets
My sleepy daughter right before she dug into some beignet biscuits

The Lobster Brie Omelet was the best omelet I have ever had – it was that good! The Hey! Lucy omelet was great, too. My husband had that one and had nothing but good things to say.

Lobster Brie
Lobster Brie Omelet

Finally, the kids really liked their pancakes. They also come with eggs and bacon, if you so choose.

pancakes at Another Broken Egg Cafe
Kids pancakes

Donut Hole

The Donut Hole is iconic around Destin and South Walton. They serve more than just donuts, including amazing key lime pies, cakes, and, of course, breakfast.

Omelets, biscuits, and waffles – you name it, they got it. But their pancakes might be the best choice. You definitely have to try them.

One thing to note if you’re thinking about visiting. This place is insanely popular, especially during the summer. You can expect long lines and most likely waiting outside before you are seated. If it’s raining, you’re going to get wet! Get there really early or really late on the weekends.

If you like donuts…you’re in the right place

Capriccio Cafe

Well, we have covered quite a few breakfast options so far. But there is something important that I have been leaving out.


Capriccio Cafe has incredible coffee – much better than Starbucks. If you need some coffee with your breakfast, Capriccio Cafe is an excellent choice.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a crepes fanatic. This is the best place in Destin for crepes, hands down (though Pancakery is great, too). They have sweet crepes and stuffed crepes, with an even split between breakfast and lunch crepes. They also have breakfast croissants and muffins.

Last thing, their kitchen closes at 3 PM so keep that in mind if you want an afternoon lunch or breakfast.

Crepes at Capriccio Cafe

Did this help you to choose your breakfast in Destin? I hope so! If you’re looking for more things to eat, check out my posts for the best overall restaurants and the best seafood restaurants in Destin.

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