Sushi in Destin FL - Best restaurants

Sushi in Destin FL: The Top Local Places

There is some fantastic sushi in Destin, FL.

And it makes sense – with an abundance of fresh seafood available, it comes with no surprise that you will find some truly tasty sushi restaurants in Destin. However, only a few seafood markets in Destin actually supply seafood from the Gulf around Destin.

Many of these places also serve fresh seafood platters and a variety of other dishes so if you are looking for more options than just sushi then you’re in the right place.

What restaurants in Destin have the best Sushi?

  • Yuga Sushi and Sake House
  • Camille’s
  • Harbor Docks
  • Jackakuda’s
  • McGuire’s Sushi
  • Sushimoto

Yuga Sushi and Sake House

A newer sushi place in Destin, Yuga Sushi and Sake House is located in the Destin Commons and serves some of the best sushi in the area.

The presentation, flavor, and selection are impressive and all sauces are made on-site from scratch. Even the rice is perfection and one of the most important aspects of a great sushi roll.

If you want to truly try something different, you have got to try the Avocado Bomb. It is an avocado stuffed with Spicy Kimchee, Blue Fin Tuna, Scallions, Rice, puffed Japanese Rice Cake, Sweet Kabayaki Sauce, Mango Puree and drizzled with Kimchee Sauce. My husband tried it and said it was the best sushi entree he has ever had – and he eats sushi often!

They also have some great seafood entrees if you aren’t in the mood for sushi, like the Blue Fin Saku Tuna!

Avocado Bomb - best sushi in Destin
Avocado Bomb – you have to try it!


Camille’s is located at Crystal Beach in Destin and is one of the few restaurants in Destin that get their seafood supply directly from the Gulf around Destin.

So if you’re looking for fresh-tasting seafood and sushi, you’ve come to the right place.

They have an extensive sushi menu designed by an executive chef with many years of sushi experience. If you can, give the spicy tuna and spider rolls a try – they are superb.

Finally, they have Sushi Night on Mondays. Its $7 select sushi rolls, $5 crown and downs, and $3 domestic beers.

Camilles Sushi

Harbor Docks

Harbor Docks is one of the best seafood restaurants in Destin, hands down. Partly because of their seafood which comes from their own seafood market. Remember that I stated that Destin had a small supply of restaurants with the freshest Gulf catches in the area?

Well, Harbor Docks’ seafood market is what makes fresh catches in Destin possible. Harbor Docks is a sister restaurant with Camille’s and also provides them with fresh catches. And like Camille’s, that fresh seafood makes for extremely tasty sushi.

You really cannot go wrong with any of the sushi on the menu (try the nigiri!). I cannot stress enough how amazing fresh seafood is when it comes to making sushi. If you’re heading to the Destin harbor for seafood and sushi this is where you need to go.

Lastly, the price is fairly high ($30 a plate and $9-$18 for sushi) but it is worth it. And enjoy the view of the harbor while you’re there!

sushi at Harbor Docks


Formerly located in Harborwalk Village, Jackakuda’s moved over to their new HWY 98 location to better serve patrons. It can be quite difficult to get in and out of the Destin Harborwalk! There is also no more 2% resort fee that you had to pay when you ate at restaurants at Harborwalk Village – a major plus!

You can find a great assortment of basic and specialty rolls here. The spicy tuna is the best (I might be biased a bit?).

Also, the owners really care about feedback and constantly strive to create a great customer experience and correct any issues that may arise.

Jackakudas sushi
While no longer on the harbor, Jackakudas sushi is still awesome

McGuire’s Sushi

I know what you’re thinking:

McGuire’s serves sushi?

Not the Irish Pub, but the location right next door – McGuire’s Sushi! And surprisingly, its some of the best sushi in Destin, hands down.

McGuire’s Sushi prepares its own sauces and has an arsenal of highly unique rolls like the McGuire Roll (it has prime steak in it!). The Hurricane roll is a must-try if you’ve never been.

Not only is the sushi delicious, but the portions are huge. You will not be hungry when you leave! The prices are also adequate, commensurate of what is offered.

I haven’t covered much about the restaurant atmospheres so far. McGuire’s Sushi is one of the best as it’s littered with retro Japanese movie posters and red, traditional architecture. It has a small, but cozy sitting area.

McGuire's Sushi in Destin


Sushimoto is a small, family-owned sushi restaurant in Destin. Well, technically, Miramar Beach now because they moved! They are such a small establishment that they even recommend if you come with a party of 8 or more, you should go somewhere else. You have to commend the honesty, at least.

If you’re looking for a place with friendly staff and management, Sushimoto is a great place to go. The owner frequently interacts with customers and the chefs are friendly and can recommend sushi for anyone’s taste. Seriously, though, the owner is one-of-a-kind – he is the busboy, dishwasher, and he serves. He is an extremely humble person and goes to great lengths to ensure your experience is exceptional.

Of course, excellent service is great and all, but what about the food?


The seafood is fresh and the sushi practically melts in your mouth (shout-out to the yellow-tail tataki). The volcano roll and hot roll are fantastic. If you are on the east side of Destin (or really anywhere in Destin for that matter), you really need to try Sushimoto. It is that good.

sushi from Sushimoto in Destin

There are plenty of options to satisfy your Destin sushi cravings. Is there a sushi place I missed that you love?

Let me know in the comments!

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